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Founded in 1991, Brighton Housewares Co., Ltd. specialized in manufacture and export of melamine table wares, enjoyed an excellent global reputation. 

Since its establishment, Brighton not only promises stable and constant improved product quality but also innovating continuously in technology, new product development, and new design, to be the largest worldwide melamine tableware exporter in China. Brighton's headquarters and showroom are in Fuzhou, southeast of China. Own plants have BSCI and Disney audit, and ISO9001:2015 certificate. 

All of our melamine products are guaranteed to meet all food safety laws the European Commission Regulation No. 10/2011, LFGB, DGCCRF, FDA, etc.
Brighton  have developed 5 different products ranges to cover most of melamine wares fields to match different market demands
Brighton, is an basic product range with a great variety moulds and colourful designs. This line is more suituable for mass market.
Brighton Plus
Brighton Plus, an extended brand for Brighton, has its own exclusive features focused towards the high-end market which consists of a professional team of engineers, designers, sales and marketing staff specializing in OEM projects.
Brighton Deluxe
Brighton Deluxe, is designer melamine tableware. All the collections are designed by Italian designers, which is inspiration and creativity naturally. The finish of this range is glossy and matte, giving it yet another dimension of style and quality.
Brighton Hospitality Designs
Brighton Hospitality Designs, has its own exclusive features which focuses on the hospitailty industry to meet the needs of restaurants, resorts, hotels, spas, entertainment facilities and cruise ships.
Brighton ECO-Professional
Brighton ECO-Professional, is a product range for ECO-friendly bamboo fibre talbewares, which is with strong anti-stain ablity, and is durable. We are researching materials and technologies that are good for environment and healthy for our customers.
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+86 (591) 8766 8415 | 8766 8416   
+86 (591) 8766 8415 | 8766 8416